What Parts Make Up a Garage Door?

It’s likely you don’t fully understand how important your garage door is until a facet of it breaks. As performers of garage door installation in Macomb county, our garage professionals know what parts are necessary to keep your garage a well-oiled machine. The following are common garage parts and why they’re necessary in the functionality of your garage.


The Door

First and foremost, your garage door keeps what’s on the inside protected from other elements. There are a variety of garage door types and materials from which to choose. Older homes may boast single-panel doors while newer homes likely have multi-panel doors with horizontal sections linked together that roll up on a track system. There are a wide variety of materials from which to choose as well, including things like wood and resin.


Motor Drive

Thanks to the motor drive, you are able to open your garage from inside your home and your car. There are three different types of motor drives: the chain drive, the belt drive and the screw drive.



Torsion springs run above the door and have two end-bearing plates on either side. Garage door springs are under an immense amount of pressure and if they break, they require our professionals to look at them and likely replace them.


Vertical and horizontal tracks in your garage make it possible for your garage door to lift and lower automatically.

If you’ve noticed your garage door isn’t acting as it should be, it may be time for a new one. Take advantage of our garage door installation services near Macomb County today! Call ABC Door Company at (586) 745-5066.