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Garage Door Springs





Springs are the single most important part of any garage door system. The spring acts as the counterbalance to allow the door to “float”.



When disengaged, a well balanced door should open with just two fingers. The spring allows the garage door opener to raise and lower the door with minimal effort. When a spring snaps, your garage door often will not open, leaving you and your car trapped! Luckily, we can come to your rescue!




There are many different types of garage door springs. Every spring has a set life expectancy that can be accurately calculated based on the springs dimensions, and the height and weight of the door. Most normal residential garage doors come with “standard cycle springs” that are rated for 10,000 uses.

If  you use your door many times each day, standard quality springs may only last a few years. Garage doors that are used in very high traffic applications can use be upgraded to last for 250,000 cycles or sometimes more. Any broken spring can be replaced with an exact match to the original, upgraded to last forever, or downgraded to work with a very tight budget.






Broken Springs are commonly encountered in garage door repair. Chicago’s cold winters, and a high frequency of use can cause garage door springs to wear out over time. For garage door springs, or any garage door repair in Metro Detroit. Call ABC!



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